Essential Oils

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  • Eucalyptus oil benefits:
    1. Use in a massage oil on the affected area to relieve pain. If combined with rest and relaxation, heals underlying cause
    2. Use in a burner, bath or as a chest rub to alleviate breathing difficulties in asthma patients
    3. Use as a chest rub, burned in vaporizer or inhaled to clear congestion or detoxify in bronchitis patients
    4. Add to bathwater to relieve congestion in catarrh patients
    5. Use in bath or as a chest rub in colds and flu sufferers
    6. Use in bath or vaporizer to alleviate symptoms of hay fever
    7.Use in steam inhalation to fight infections and clear blocked passages in sinusitis patients
    8. Use in bath or as a compress in chilblains sufferers and people with cold weather related red itch swellings on fingers and toes
    9. Add to bathwater or massage with eucalyptus oil to relieve arthritis and rheumatism
    10. Use in bath, massage or burner to relax ,relieve pain and reduce inflammation in backache sufferers
    11. Add to bathwater or use in compress to relieve cystitis
    12. Use in a cold compress to treat mild burns or add to bathwater, lotion or cool compress in case of sunburns

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  • Geranium oil benefits:
    1.Use in combination with a bath oil to alleviate intense anxiety
    2.Use in a burner, in bath and in massage to elevate moods especially in Premenstrual Syndrome
    3.Add to bathwater or use as a massage oil to treat heavy bleeding during menstrual periods
    4.Use in a burner, in bath and in massage to relieve tension that could lead to partial infertility or deal with low libido in menopausal stages
    5.Add a few drops to bathwater ,vaporize or apply a gentle massage at bedtime to promote relaxation and a restful sleep
    6.Use to treat greasy hair and reduce flaking by a massage on the scalp
    7.Use in bathwater, as ointments or in steam treatments to moisturize dry skin
    8.Can help relieve the itchiness and inflammation of irritated skin, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema when added to bathwater or used in ointment
    9.Use in compress and bath to help relieve hemorrhoids

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  • Lemongrass oil benefits:
    1.Use in a massage to help relieve strained and aching muscles
    2.Use in bath or massage to help reduce fever, boosts the nervous system and as good post-illness tonic
    3.Add to lotion or bath to help balancing oily skin and excessive perspiration
    4.Use in burner as insect repellent
    5.Use in bath or compress to relieve the fungal infection of athlete’s foot
    6.Add to a massage oil to help stimulate breast milk flow

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