Delivery Informations

Please read the following carefully

GroceWheels delivers vegetables, fruits and other products ordered from its affiliated partners. We take commissions on every sale we make plus delivery feees.

All taxes (including VAT) are paid by the primary seller to which we only offer a delivery service. The VAT official invoice can be obtained upon request.

Products are displayed on the website for presentation purposes. The product you will receive may differ from the one displayed on our website.

Delivery occurs according to the customer choice. For standard delivery, delivery occurs sometimes during the day. An exact delivery time can’t be guaranteed by GroceWheels Ltd. The time is function of the number of orders received, traffic and availabilities of certain products. You can find additional delivery informations at the bottom page in the delivery widget.

As a curtesy, we may offer delivery crates to offer a unique and stylish experience with your products. These crates remain the sole proprietary of GroceWheels Ltd and must be returned upon request. Any damages or lost will be subject to reimbursement with administrative fees from the customer.


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We manage to get our product as closely from the farmers as possible. Therefore we are able to guarantee that what you get is at the best price possible. We want to help you save time but also money. ×
Our products are hand picked and selected so we only keep the freshest and best looking products available. If we believe the products are not fresh enough, we will notify you and remove them from your grocery list. ×
If any of our product doesn't meet your expectations, we will exchange or refund it. At GroceWheels we always put the customer first. ×
Wether it's your home, your office or any other place, we will deliver what you want where you want and when you want. ×