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  • Price per kg

    3,600.00 RWF /kg
  • 18,000.00 RWF
  • 27,000.00 RWF
  • 9,500.00 RWF
  • Geranium oil benefits:
    1.Use in combination with a bath oil to alleviate intense anxiety
    2.Use in a burner, in bath and in massage to elevate moods especially in Premenstrual Syndrome
    3.Add to bathwater or use as a massage oil to treat heavy bleeding during menstrual periods
    4.Use in a burner, in bath and in massage to relieve tension that could lead to partial infertility or deal with low libido in menopausal stages
    5.Add a few drops to bathwater ,vaporize or apply a gentle massage at bedtime to promote relaxation and a restful sleep
    6.Use to treat greasy hair and reduce flaking by a massage on the scalp
    7.Use in bathwater, as ointments or in steam treatments to moisturize dry skin
    8.Can help relieve the itchiness and inflammation of irritated skin, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema when added to bathwater or used in ointment
    9.Use in compress and bath to help relieve hemorrhoids

    6,000.00 RWF10,000.00 RWF
  • 1,900.00 RWF
  • 1,900.00 RWF
  • 2,900.00 RWF
  • Description: Can be used for dishwashing and general cleaning purposes.
    Directions: Squeeze bottle to pour product into a wash basin for the washing of dishes and/ or general cleaning.
    Usage: Can be used on any hard surface and fixtures throughout the home, workplace, hotels, restaurants etc. Suitable for cleaning all types of kitchenware such as ceramic, glass, crystal, porcelain, stainless steel, etc
    2,880.00 RWF
  • 11,300.00 RWF
  • Description: A highly effective multi-purpose grease cutting detergent with lasting suds that leaves your dishes squeaky clean while being gentle on your hands.
    Directions: Squeeze bottle to dispense product (1 teaspoon per wash). Add warm water. Wash dishes and rinse with clean, cool water for best results
    Usage: An ideal choice for any kitchen. Suitable for cleaning all types of kitchenware such as ceramic, glass, crystal, porcelain, stainless steel, etc.
    1,300.00 RWF
  • Description: Has been formulated to penetrate and hygienically clean all bathroom surfaces.
    Directions: Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned, allow product to penetrate the dirt, scum, mildew. Wipe the surface with a wet cloth to clean and rinse thoroughly. For best results, spray onto tiles and ceramics immediately after bathing or showering and rinse off with water. Regular use will help prevent build-up of soap or scum.
    Usage: Can be used on surfaces and fixtures, bathroom tiles, bath tubs, basins, vanity tops, toilet seats and covers, chrome fixtures and shower doors.V
    1,200.00 RWF
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